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Accept Deflategate punishment, move on: #tellusatoday

The NFL upheld the four-game suspension given toNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his role in tampering with game footballs. Comments from Facebook are edited for clarity and grammar:
I see sides to the arguments for and against the suspension.
Honestly, I feel Tom Brady and his counsel should have tried to settle for a two-game suspension for obstructing the investigation (for allegedly destroying his cellphone) and moved on.
The whole thing is just a waste of time.
— Andrew Thomas Hernandez
If Brady had any integrity, he would just accept his punishment. He continues to show his true colors.
— Joe Mamas

Thanks to all the haters out there from all the other 31 NFL teams. No one has given your teams a second thought during the off-season.
The NFL and fans of irrelevant teams have given Brady even more motivation than he would normally have.
You want Brady and the Patriots with a chip on their shoulders? You got it.
— David Leufstedt
After watching NFL games for the past 15 years, I decided to call it quits last season. I did so not because of this scandal but for many other reasons. The game just does not work anymore. But this scandal provides confirmation that I have made the right decision.
— Pekka Jaske
Letter to the editor:
Tom Brady refused to give up his cellphone and then threw it away, and your headlines convict him of being a liar and of a coverup (“Crime was coverup,” Sports, Wednesday).
I have not seen your headlines calling Hillary Clinton a liar and accusing her of a coverup for destroying 30,000 emails and refusing to give up her server.
Professional NFL football player vs. potential USA president. Which should be more important to you and your readers?

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