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Body Image MP Calls For Thin Model Catwalk Ban

Britain should adopt a law banning very thin models from the catwalk, according to the chairwoman of a group of MPs.
Caroline Noakes MP, who heads the All Parliamentary Group on Body Image, said legislation should be considered if a voluntary code of conduct is not effective.
Several countries are demanding models should have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 18 - 18.5 to take part in shows.
But the British Fashion Council insists BMI is not an accurate measurement for young women and the focus is on looking after models and encouraging health and wellbeing with nutritious food and drink provided backstage.
Rosie Nelson, 23, a naturally thin model who is a clothes size 8 to 10 with a BMI below the recommended level, said: "Personally, my BMI is less than 18, so if they brought in a standard, I would be rejected straight away. 
"I think almost 90% of models have a BMI of less than 18, so every model would be out of a job. When I look in the mirror I see someone that is healthy and I am living by my own standard. I eat balanced meals, so I think I look good and healthy".

But at Hughes Models, a Plus-Sized Agency in Central London, women believe the catwalk should 
reflect people of all shapes and sizes.
Elia Thompson, who modelled at the UK Plus Size Fashion Week said: "I definitely feel different body types should be represented because the world is filled with so many body shapes.
"They should look at the different brands and how much is sold so that they can decide".
Earlier this year France became the latest country to vote to criminalise the use of models who are dangerously thin. Those breaking the law face fines and up to six months in jail. Ms Noakes is pushing for Britain to follow suit.
As the industry eagerly awaits London Fashion Week the so-called size zero debate is again high on the agenda, with many insisting new legislation is the only thing that can force change.

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