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Killer Ends Strangeways Jail Roof Protest

A convicted killer has ended his four-day protest on the roof of Strangeways prison.
Stuart Horner, who was locked up in 2012 for killing his uncle, came down early on Wednesday morning.
The 35-year-old gingerly made his way across the roof to a waiting cherry-picker on which he was lowered to the ground.
He reportedly said: "I've proved my point. I've got a 12in pizza and a can of coke. I've done what I wanted. I've had a mad one."
Horner began his protest on Sunday afternoon when he clambered over an 18ft fence to get on top of the high-security jail, officially known as HMP Manchester.
At various times he stripped to his underpants, smashed window panes, kicked CCTV security cameras and and climbed on chimneys.
He is believed to have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.
Horner is serving a minimum of 27 years for shooting dead his uncle, Ian Taylor, after a long-running family feud.
On Monday negotiators went up in a cherry-picker crane in an effort to talk him down, but he refused.

It is unclear exactly why he was protesting, although he yelled down to reporters about conditions at the jail.
He also scrawled messages on his shirt.
One said: "It's not 1990 tell the Gov we've all had enough. Sort the whole system." Another proclaimed his innocence.
He also shouted he wanted to stay on the roof for 40 days and 40 nights to break a previous record.
Crowds gathered below to watch Horner, who had food, water, cigarettes and blankets with him.
Some yelled words of encouragement, as did his fellow inmates.

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