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Cosby Accusers To Speak Out In TV Special

Bill Cosby's accusers are to give details of sexual abuse allegations in a television special which is to air in the US later this week.
Actress Louisa Moritz and model Beverly Johnson are among those who were interviewed for the special which airs on A&E on Thursday night.
The women are expected to detail the claims made against the entertainer and the damage to Cosby's career and image in Cosby: The Women Speak.
More than two dozen women have accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them, sometimes after they had been drugged.
A defamation suit in Massachusetts and a civil sexual-assault case in California are pending.
Cosby, who has never been charged with a crime, has acknowledged having sex with many women and obtaining Quaaludes to use during sex. He has denied some of the claims.
Earlier this week it emerged that the 78-year-old has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a event organiser AIG which is seeking to avoid paying for his defence against defamation claims by some of the women.
AIG sued Cosby in Massachusetts and California in June over homeowner's insurance policies it issued to him in those states.
It said these provide coverage for personal injury claims, which include defamation, but not for personal injury claims arising from "sexual, physical or mental abuse".

Cosby is defending against defamation lawsuits by Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz in Massachusetts, and the model Janice Dickinson in California, spurred by denials by the entertainer or his representatives of claims of sexual misconduct.
In a Monday filing in the federal court in Springfield, Massachusetts, Cosby said he would face "substantial prejudice" by being forced to defend simultaneously against AIG over the policies, and against the women over the defamation claims.
"Forcing Mr Cosby to fight a four-front battle would demonstrate AIG's complete disregard for the best interests of Mr Cosby," his lawyers wrote.
"Not only does AIG's action bolster the underlying plaintiffs, who will perceive Mr Cosby as under attack even from his supposed backers, but it splits Mr Cosby's focus and drains his resources."

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