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Sky News UK Weather Forecast

The next few days will bring showers, but the weekend looks promising.
In the meantime, Wednesday evening will be fine for many, but south-east Wales and central and southern England will have outbreaks of heavy rain.
Thundery downpours will give tricky driving conditions and some flooding.
The rain in the blustery south will ease and clear eastwards overnight, leaving most places dry, but Ireland can expect a few showers.
The Northern Isles will be wet for a time as well.
Clear skies mean it will turn chilly again with some fog forming in the calmer west.
Temperatures will be down to 2 or 3C in rural spots in the north.
Thursday will bring good sunny spells, with any early fog lifting, but East Anglia and the south-east may start rather cloudy.
Most places will be dry, but showers will develop widely over Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic through the afternoon.
Thundery downpours are possible.
England and Wales will stay largely fine, but the odd shower is likely in the west later.
It will feel cool in the brisk wind, especially for Channel coasts.
Temperatures will typically range from 16 to 18C (61-64F)
Friday will bring yet more showers, some heavy in the south-east, but the weekend looks mainly fine.

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