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Royal Visit For School Where Parents Join Classes

The charity behind a unique new school where parents go to class with their children says it is already having a dramatic impact on improving pupils' mental health.
Sky News has been given access to the school, which is run by the Anna Freud Centre in North London, ahead of a visit by the Duchess of Cambridge today.
The Family School focuses as much on a child's mental health as teaching them traditional subjects.
Mums and dads sit in on lessons, but also go to their own classes to learn how they can more effectively support their children.
Most pupils will only spend a couple of terms at the school. Wayne Llewllyn's son is now ready to go back into mainstream school.
He told Sky News: "Before he came here he was very aggressive, very outspoken and challenged everything.

"Things happen at home that can affect a child's learning at school and sometimes parents can be wearing blinkers and blind to that sort of thing, because you may have other children.
"I have another son who has ADHD, so we knew there were a lot of things we had to do, and this school has taught me to listen to my son a lot more and made me a better father for it."
Now back to her royal duties after the birth of her daughter, the Duchess will be given a tour of the school.
Kensington Palace says Kate wants to learn more about what is being done to help children currently being failed by mental health provision, and support vulnerable families.

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