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Special Olympics, a lesson in seeing: Column

The Special Olympic World Games have arrived inLos Angeles, and will run until Aug. 2. As the father of a Special Olympian, I ask you only this:
Take the time to See these athletes, rather than simply Look at them. There is a world of difference.
Seeing people isn’t just a moral imperative. It’s a civil right. See me for who I am. Don’t judge me for what I look like.
Looking is passive. We look at television. Seeing is active. It requires empathy and engagement. We see our friends and loved ones. Imagine how much better our country could be had we seen from our very beginning. Think of the potential we’ve wasted because we haven’t.
My daughter Jillian is 25. She graduated from high school, attended four years of college, works full time and lives independently. Two weeks ago, she married her sweetheart of 10 years.
And oh yes, she was born with Down syndrome.

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